Today feels not only like a Friday, but the last day of school. A lot of lasts have been taken away for us, and to me, my last ASB election was taken away, as of now. I woke up late, and as I became aware that today was Tuesday, St. Patrick’s Day, I only wondered; everything’s been canceled, why even bother celebrating St. Patrick’s Day? They say the show must go on, which is why I got dressed in the only green shirt I had, my Spanish Honors Society shirt. Classes felt normal, teachers were giving work, but everyone knew with the quieter sound of students walking in the hallway, along with every sound of the phone ringing to signal someone being picked up, that today was never a normal day, let alone a normal week. When I realized I was being deprived of the ability to make a choice, I found myself socially engaged, rather than socially distanced, as I kept breaking my own norms. I found myself eating lunch with my friends in the cafeteria these past two days, instead of being alone with my chemistry teacher. I found myself making posters in the ASB class, putting all the doubt I had for my poster-making abilities to the side. Maybe I found myself having regrets, why I never did these things to begin with, and somehow finding joy in them now. I always had the excuse of saying next time, but the rug’s been pulled from under us. Maybe I treated today “too normal” because I didn’t get to truly tell my friends how much I’d miss them. I took a nap in one of my classes because we weren’t doing anything, and continued to nap at lunch with my friends on their phones. At the end of the day, every elbow couldn’t make up for the same hugs I’d get at the end of a school year. As I sent out a Remind message at the end of the day, I reminded everyone, and myself that today isn’t the end, only the beginning to new.