Editor’s Note (06/30/2022): To give context, this blog post is about Winter Formal, set during my first year of high school. The title was edited to reflect the title/theme of formal, rather than the year itself.

I find ways to have fun, and fanning people was the way to go. I admit, it was all uncomfortable at first, and unsettling that I went along, but getting hyped was all I needed.

I met so many kind upperclassmen who really show me what my school represents. Being in that dance circle made me a little nauseous, but I just had to keep spinning. Also, my apologies for hitting security with my fan many times.

Now, to the real question… did I regret not asking someone? Well, a little part of me still does, but seeing everyone be so happy while I danced around fanning took away from those thoughts.

The happiness of others brought me joy. Now, I can’t blame anyone else but myself for not going through with asking someone. Anyways, the over sexualization of dances discourages me from asking anyone these days, and I would never want people seeing me do such unholy things.

Formal was great, my eardrums are not, but in all I can sleep peacefully knowing that I have something marked off of my high school bucket list.

Oh, and if you are specifically actually reading this, not a day goes by without me always saying some form of thank you.

really drowsy though, have fun stay deaf!