Today, I re-aquainted with my friends, and caught up with their lives. I said a hello to my past mentors, and wished them a very best day for them. I was very excited to see my freshman today, as I welcomed everyone back to campus. Many kids ignored me, and walked by, but that didn’t phase me. I was finally a junior, and it was another chapter in my life. I walked into my classes, and I felt more confident than ever. I didn’t stumble on most of my introductions, and it really made me feel more prepared

What scared me was Spanish, but I know I should never be scared of anything foreign, and that continuing to learn this language would be a fun experience for me. What gave me the most excitement was the Leadership class. Everyday, I want to continue to be the Titan I am, and I look forward to using this class to fulfill my goal of bringing the school together.

In general, everyone around me has given a negative view of junior year. My teachers agree that this year will have a lot of work, and a lot of continued expectations. I do not believe that this year will be impossible. When I got home, I suddenly felt old. I am only a teenager, and it feels wrong to say I am having some existential crisis. I think this change is good, and I know I shouldn’t be scared about this year.

What I said I’d do last year, I would like to do again. I’d like to actually be more productive, and I will have to more than ever. Because in two years, I am off to the real world. Soon, I’ll have to deal with one of the biggest tests for high schoolers, the SAT or ACT; I have not decided yet.

Whatever this year may hold, I must not hold myself back from being the best student I can be. I do though, must hold myself back and be the most mature student I can be. As Rally Commissioner, you may not expect those two words to be together, as it is an expectation to be anything but that. As John Daniel, I will do my best for my education, for my schools and peers, and overall that one day, I will be able to create a better future not only for myself but for others around me.