The general reaction for junior year has definitely been a mixed bag for me, and I’ve seen the memes left and right. Even worse, I will have to live through junior year to know if everything I’ve been told is a lie or the hard truth.

Many of the answers I’ve recieved for that question has always been: It’s only hard if and then insert a bad habit, like procrastination. College has helped we work through that, you can see the last post, “the college influence”.

Socially, I’m ready for junior year. I think a lot of my class is excited for things like prom, homecoming, but definitley not academically. I am as ready as I will be for the ACT, SAT, and the return of SBAC testing, but at the end of the day, it will be a step up from the rest.

I am very much looking forward to being in Link Crew, and being the school’s rally comissioner. I really do love my school, and I will forever give them my all. I also plan on joining more clubs, and being more active where I fell short last year.

What I have to get ready for is defintley managing the workload, and taking life easy, and however that is going to happen, I hope to be okay.