I enjoyed the six weeks of college I had, and even though it won’t represent the entire story I’ll have to live through in two years, it was still great. I enjoyed being productive, while at the same time having fun weekends.

School usually makes me break out and stress, but I enjoyed letting loose a little and actually not stressing over much. One problem I continue to struggle with is procrastination. I only stressed over one part, as I tried to finish three chapters of reading with quizzes and an essay by the end of the week. Yes, I did manage, but it was not enjoyable.

Also, I‘ve always wanted to be autonomous, and maybe it’s just a common theme for teenagers, but I did enjoy the freedom and flexibility college has given to me. Choosing my classes, and working with my already ruined sleep schedule of 2am to 9am was convenient.

There were many things happening during the summer semester. I went to a birthday party, and went to Disneyland, Long Beach, and got lost on the coast of California. I was surprised I was able to be on the road and work at the same time. I definitely am not a strong multitasker, but to each are their own.

Overall, college really made focus on myself. I didn’t realize how I started to get over my small fears of speaking, and as a future rally commissioner, I will very much need all the speaking skills I get. Working with academic journals was also a pain, but I know how much I’ll need it my senior year. I think I’ve slowly changed, but changing myself is never bad, it is just forever apart of me growing as a person.