Editor’s Note (05/29/2020): To give context, this blog post is about Winter Formal, set during my sophomore year. The title was edited to reflect the title/theme of formal, rather than the year itself.

The mood tonight for me was “Dancing With a Stranger” by Sam Smith and Normani. I really dreaded going to formal, waiting in that long line, and honestly doing absolutely nothing. Except I really did something (or someone hah jk).

The same premise from last year, minus the paper fans. Make the best out of what you got. I have my regrets about going alone to formal again, but the flexibility I had seeing everyone just have a blast really does compensate for everything.

As I continue what seems to be my “social media detox” or break, it honestly felt great just seeing people in person instead of behind the screens. Everyone was so gosh darn pretty, but I really need hand sanitizer; I shook and fist-bumped so many hands.

This was really an amazing night to just loosen up, and to really get things off of my mind. The theme was “Lost at Sea” but honestly, I had the best night following the waves.

and wow, one formal later and I don’t feel so deaf from last time.