As another birthday passes and I turn fifteen, I have to personally ask myself to reflect over another year of personal growth. This last year, as I left one friendship, I began to create more. I forever treasure our strengthening bonds, and their ability to listen to my problems. Every one of them I know has a big heart, and they are true friends anyone would ask for. They will always remind me why I should never be sad because their comfort and advice makes me thankful to know that there are people who care.

I dabbled with the adventure of love, and fought the battle of losing myself. I built courage, and stayed honest with myself. Though the past few months seemed to be an emotional rollercoaster, I learned to cope with my problems, not with anger, but with music. This battle ended only a few days ago, but she became a constant reminder to never give up fighting.

I ran for class vice-president, and made it a goal to make sure ideas are heard. Not only was my leadership tested, but it had to be exercised. Though I do not sit in a west wing, my position reminds me to strive to be the example to the many students that see me. I admit that even I have my faults, but that too is an example of who we are as not just students, but people

All these accomplishments were not possible without the tremendous love and support I get from my friends, family, and the people who appreciate what I do behind a camera, and to that I say thank you for making my fifteenth birthday a one of a kind.