Building our class homecoming float was definitely stressful. We were always waiting a few hours because no one fulfilled their commitments to bring supplies. On the other hand, our skit group was questionably filled with drama and absence. Of course, I broke down during these moments. As an acting president, I felt that I was unable to fulfill my responsibilities.

Everything about our float sounds like we were setting ourselves for failure, but we managed to push though together. The skit group got along and danced remarkably, and our float was painted with the highest detail from the most meticulous of students.

We ate pizza, then we ate more pizza, and then we wondered why we didn’t have any water, let alone why the ice chest was empty all of a sudden. My takeaway from this experience isn’t that we failed, but that we bonded as a class. All the rage aside, I managed to learn new names, meet new people, and get closer with the faces I’ll continue to see everyday.

The tremendous work we as ASB did beforehand only explains the dedication we have not just to our school, but the dedication and commitment we have to our class. Overall, what we wanted from the beginning was to be the best. They may have declared us third this year, but everyone knows how we’re first when it comes to the hospitality and commitment we have to our very own class.